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3 Global Locations- USA, FRANCE and UK

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol.

It’s a protocol designed by Microsoft that is used to connect to remote computers/servers running the Windows OS. You can control these computers just as if you control a computer. RDP is a term that is used to refer to user accounts on servers.

Is RDP and VPS one in the same?

No, not at all. While a VPS is a server with full admin and RDP access and dedicated resources, an RDP is a single high-performance server shared by multiple people at the same time with standard secure access and each user account receives his own private storage that no one else can access.

What works better for me? RDP or VPS?

If you’re looking to upload/download data regularly, you’ll only need a set of finite tools to full fill this purpose, and a lot of power used for such processes, therefore an RDP will be the perfect choice for such usage. However if you need complete admin access and permission to install your own programs on the server yourself, a VPS might be a much better choice since you have only limited access with RDP’s.


France and UK Rocket RDP with Unlimited Bandwidth

Basic Features

Rocket 300

Rocket 400

Disk space 300 GB Dedicated
400 GB Dedicated
RAM 32GB Shared
32GB Shared
Max Clients 8 8
Port Speed 1Gbps 1Gbps
OS Windows 2008 Windows 2008
Location USA France UK
USA France UK

$ 35 per month

$ 50 per month

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